Kindergarten and First Grade

3/30- 4/3 Play Peg's Parade! 
Add 10 instruments to Peg's Marching Band! Which instruments do you like the most? 
Ask your parent to send me an email with your answer. 
3/23- 3/27 Page 37- Color the line notes. Page 38- Color the space notes. Draw a staff. Create measures. Page 39- Trace the Treble Clefs. Page 40- Draw 5 whole notes, 5 half notes, 5 quarter notes, and 5 eighth notes. 3/16- 3/20 Page 1- Put a circle around each whole note.
Page 2- Count how many whole notes on each line. Page 3- Draw whole notes on lines and spaces. Page 4- Label each note as either a Space note or a Line note.