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Welcome to Mrs. Acerra's

                                          Fantastic Kindergarten

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Kids log in- Colnork
   Each child has a pass picture.

Reilly- rabbit        Bobby-duck          Emily-fish          Lucy-turtle
Isabella-cat          Chris-Lizard     Lillianna-watermelon
Sydney-strawberry     Annabelle-apple      Katie- sailboat

EPIC-  Password  ela2182

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ALSO, Please check your child's e-mail for things like extra worksheets for you to print (if you can).   Thank you!


 Good Morning- Oh my goodness, the last two days of school.
Today is Monday June 15th 2020.  We go to music and media today!

To Do- check to see if you did all the letters in the Wilson Book!


*Phonics worksheet- Unit 7 week 2- Deb at Bat!  page 29
*Highlight words that end in /b/
*Activity- Tell what you like to do outside.
*Page 30- A Bed for Bob- circle all the words that start with /b/
* Sight word Practice- /is/

Go on Epic- find some of the stories you might want to read.


*Practice 7-7  both sides-  parents please read the instructions
*6-6  Look for patterns- both sides
*6-5  Patterns on a 100 chart- both sides-  might not know how to count by twos.  Just skip every other number

REST UP!  Tomorrow is your last day of Kindergarten!


Good Morning (for the last time) to my most hard working and favorite class!  Today is Tuesday, June 16th, 2020. We go to Spanish and Gym today.

Epic- assigned  book  June
Enjoy reading about the month of June, the beginning summer , flag day, fathers
day, etc.
 make Dad a card for Fathers Day- save it for Sunday, June 21st!***

* Let's end the year with a scavenger hunt!    SeeSaw- assigned!

To all my summer birthday Students- Have a wonderful Birthday!

Lucy- July 8th
Isabella  July 18

Lillianna- August 29
Annabelle- August 30th

To my First GRADERS!