Ann Prosser

Home Learning
Friday March 27

1. Dr Jean Rise and Shine - 

2. Practice writing your first name - one time

3. Find numerals in newspapers (or store flyers, magazines
etc.) Have the kids find numbers and cut them out and glue
them on paper. If cutting is difficult they can take a crayon or
pencil and circle the numbers. Go over the names of the numbers with them.

4. Discuss the letter D. Ask students what do they know that
begins with D. (You can give hints like - “An animal that quacks”
  5.  Songs Elmo Slide Down by the Bay

6. Listen to a book on Vooks (there is a month free subscription) or pick one on you tube.  Get Epic has books for the kids to view. I sent an email with an account for the kids. 7. The family packets that are attached are from High Scope. They have some additional activities you may want to try.



Our pre-k class follows the High Scope curriculum.

Full day students need 2 snacks and lunch, or a lunch order list.

Students will need a crib sheet for nap time, and an extra set of clothes.

Library is Monday - Return library books

Gym is on Tuesday and Thursday - Please wear sneakers

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