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Welcome Back!!!

Hello everyone! My name is Mrs. Cook and this is my 11th year here at H.E.S. I am excited to begin our school year and look forward to teaching you! I hope to incorporate a variety of new games and fitness activities into my P.E. program; if you have any suggestions please drop them off in the suggestion box!! I am always looking for new ideas : ) Games help children learn important skills such as problem solving, sharing, following rules and directions and being a team player. Aside from games, students will be introduced to sports for recreational purposes while developing sportsmanship qualities.  These skills will help develop agility, balance, cardio-vascular endurance, flexibility and strength.


Contact Information: If you have any questions or concerns feel free to contact me at 732- 872 -1476 or email me at

Upcoming Events: 

  • Fitness Testing - early October  

P.E. Activities:

Grades Pre K- 1:  Personal space vs general space, traveling the gym safely and at different levels, creating a variety of animal movements and improving hand eye coordination through scarves. 

Grades 2-3: ice breakers, scarf juggling and scarf games. 

Grades 4-6: Ice breakers, scarf juggling/scarf games and intro to soccer

P.E. Rules:

1. Sneakers Must Be Worn During P.E.

2. Please wear the appropriate clothes in P.E. (No dresses or skirts. As the colder months approach please have students bring in sweatshirts/jackets, we will be going outside. Long hair should be pulled back)

3. No Jewelry

4. Follow Directions The First Time Given

5. Respect Each other & Our Equipment

6. Do Your Best

7. Play Safe & Have Fun!

***Grades are based on preparation (including participation), behavior and attitude. Students who are unprepared more than 3 times will have a N for Needs Improvement on their report card.

Grades 3rd - 6th Mile Run dates:

2nd Grade - 
3rd Grade - 
4th Grade - 
5th & 6th Grade: 

What does the President's Challenge test for?

These five events test students on muscular strength, endurance, speed and agility and flexibility.

The physical fitness test/challenge rates students in three levels of achievement. They are as follows:

  • Presidential (students who achieve an outstanding level of physical fitness. Students who qualify within the 85th percentile in all five events are eligible for this award)
  • National (Students who score above the 50th percentile on all five events demonstrate a basic, yet challenging level of physical fitness.)
  • Participation (Students whose scores fall belows the 50th percentile will receive a participation certifciate for completting all of five events)



 When Does Your Child Have P.E.?


Pre K. Prosser: T

Pre K Arbore: M & Th

Gr. K(Toye): M & T

Gr. K (Acerra): M & T

Gr. 1 Ciarfardini - T & W

Gr. 1: McBain: M & W

Gr. 2 A: Davis: M & W

Gr. 2B: Simms: T & Th

Gr. 3 Conrad: T & W

Gr. 4 Conrad: M & W

Gr. 5 Isaacs: M & Th

Gr. 6 David: T & Th


Exercises To Do At Home: Couch sit ups, ride your bike, skate board park, take your pet for a walk or jog and play tag with siblings

2017-2018 Golden Sneaker Winners






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